USA Mack Grant Wrestling Photo

1st place in 10 and under, Mack Grant works for a  pin.

USA Wrestling kicked off their  season with a “Refuse to Lose” tournament in Glenrock where The DWC had an impressive showing.

17 little grapplers nabbed 1st place, 6 got 2nd and 5 brought home 3rd.


6 and Under

Landon Griffith - 4th

Collins Gerk - 2nd

Emersen Seim - 1st

Brayden Beek - 2nd

Shelby Williams - 3rd in boys and 1st in girls division

Ryker Layher - 2nd

Payzlie Layher - 3rd girls division


8 and Under

Luke Haar - 1st

Levi Mills - 1st

Max Haar - 1st

Kye Camino - 1st

Levi Brandemuehl - 2nd

McKrae Darr - 1st


10 and Under

Danny Fox - 4th

Greysen Seim - 1st

Ian Andreen - 2nd

Lincoln Wilkinson - 4th

John Veldhuizen - 4th

Bridger Warner - 1st

Merrik Lehnen - 1st

Mack Grant - 1st

Dylan Hansen - 1st

Camerton Layher - 1st

Cole Williams - 1st


12 and Under

MarLee Thar - 5th boys div.Nolan Gross - 4th

Max Panasuk - 3rd

Krue Melchor - 1st

Wyatt Jolley - 3rd

Weston Ottem - 3red 


14 and Under 

Mason Jolley - 4th


16 and Under

Greg Vrooman - 1st

Darius Dickinson - 2nd

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